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Fear of love

I knew it. I know that I'm falling in love. But I dont want that. Not yet. Not again. Why everything happen just when you dont want that, that fucking thing happen? Maybe tommorrow I´ll go back to you but I don´t think that at all. Maybe I´m in love by someone else. Someone who loves me just the way I am...  Someone who could love me in that way.  So... Why I feel that fear so big inside me? Maybe its because I´ve found just that person wich I can be myself even when I´m doing things insane...
Maybe I found you.  Maybe not. But I will be me anyway, if you take it or if you don´t.  I would that my scared of falling in love don´t disturb me... Because, I think that met you is one of this things and probably I won´t have another chances...  I´m afraid of loose this chance cause i think that maybe is my fault this terribles things that happens to me everytime I was trying to open my heart for someone. Everytime I get hurt... So please dont hurt me.  If you dont want me, just let me. …

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