❤ Inslee ❤

Hello everyone!

First of all, I hope you liked the BIG change of the blog; 
Nothing of all this could have happened without the help of the creator INSLEE,
Who inspired me to create this cover of the blog.
This entry was written in English to honor her and her assistants who were so kind to give me their drawings and designs to leave my creativity in my blog.

All the copyright and design reserved to http://inslee.net 

Inslee made all the Artwork that you can see! 

Check plis his blog and ilustrations.

I really believe that she seeks to demonstrate through her works the power of women.
That's what caught me at first.
Since she manages to convey thanks to her illustrations that women can be feminine and in fashion but at the same time self-sufficient and hardworking.
The simpleness and glamour at the same time. 

I think it's something that this society should believe.
They still don't believe in the power of women.

And I think that it's really hard to convey.
So I really love Inslee artwork , I love your work and I would love to be able to go to an Art Galery in New York, one day, and appreciate your designs or wear ome of them.
It is admirable that someone captivates people through their art.

Art is the union of all fields and all parts of the world.

Once again, thank you very much Inslee and Melissa for helping me to advance to this great and beautiful change for the blog.

The world needs your art Inslee !



Realmente creo que ella busca demostrar a traves de sus trabajos el poder de las mujeres.
Eso es lo que me atrapó desde un primer instante.
Ya que logra transmitir gracias a sus ilustraciones que las mujeres podemos ser femeninas y fashions pero al mismo tiempo autosuficientes y trabajadoras.

Creo que es algo que a esta sociedad le falta mucho que creer.
Siguen sin creer en el poder de las mujeres.
And i think that its something really hard to transmitir.
Entonces felicitaciones de verdad Inslee, amo tu trabajo y me encantaria poder ir algun dia a una galeria de arte en Nueva York y apreciar tus diseños o llevar alguno puesto.
Es admirable que alguien cautive a las personas a traves de su arte.

El arte es la unión de todos los ambitos y de todas las partes del mundo.

Una vez más, muchisimas gracias Inslee y Melissa por ayudarme a avanzar a este gran y hermoso cambio para el blog.

El mundo necesita de tu arte Inslee!



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